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Wednesday, June 01, 2016
Same Place... Same Time.. Last Year

It's the time of the year again. So we set a date today. Same time. same place. (at our favorite place!) B is like my shadow everywhere i go. Unusual for him though. He never stayed at the lounge. He's trying to get my attention. Many times he attempted to make me smile. Everyone knows my dad is currently confined in a hospital in Manila. Maybe that's why i wasn't my usual bubbly self. I don't talk much. No corny jokes either. I just smile at him but he knows me very well. He can tell when my smile doesn't reach my eyes. He made sure that i'll be okay. You're my number one cheerleader! Here are the remarkable words he told me today. -Go baby! You should go home now. -I have no shame. I have no pride. I will call your dad if it means giving you peace of mind. I will tell him "you know sir, please take care of yourself, so your daughter could stop worrying about you and that she will have enough time to worry about me. -B: If i were you i would go home. Me: (Eating my brownies and staring at him) B: Fine. NO is NO Me: I'm not saying anything B: coz your mouth is full but your eyes tell me NO -If you changed your mind, just let me know and we'll get you a ticket. Oh God! Thank you for blessing me with this kind of man. He is one of a kind.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

I had them all today! March 28, 2015

I have been so blessed today. Having a moment with each of them. Them means all the boys who matter at this point :)


He did what he promised. I guess he just wanted to check if i am okay or not. Actually, spending a good 40 minutes with this man is more than enough. As always he made sure he has a list of all the things i need important or not.

I know i can always count on this guy!


Honestly, I am not sure what are we at this very moment except that yeah, we're friends and we're colleagues. For the past 3 days, we eat out together. We always have a good laugh and share good food. But this one drives me crazy. Make me wonder if he is a He or a She! Lelz.. :)


This guy never fails to brighten my mood. When he talks to me, i turn into a fangirl. Everyday i see him, it's like my heart skips a few beats. Well, not really sure if it skips or totally stops for a moment. I love how his voice affects me. It's just surreal. Today, he invited me over for some snacks at the pantry. When he saw me leaving, that effin' voice called out "Bye Anne"


Lately, i started noticing this boy next door. He is so cute and always nice to me. He always have that ready smile and he waves at me everytime he sees me from afar. I like how he is sooooo cool about everything that's happening in the office. I had a few cute and memorable conversations with him today. Normally, i always have answers to his questions. But today for some reasons, i can't think of anything. I just focused on looking at that beautiful face.

How lucky can i get tonight?!

Dear Lord, please don't get tired of blessing me with awesome people in my life! I am forever grateful!

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Monday, February 09, 2015

Ang slo-mo ng araw ko ngayon.. and surprisingly I don't mind. In fact I am loving it!

Kaninang umaga, I was a little sad. Maybe because I was thinking about the person I should not be thinking about in the first place. Ang graphic ng utak ko. I was thinking who he's with at that very moment. At syempre kasama na dyan kung anuman yun ginagawa nila. Silently, winiwish ko na sana bumilis yun oras, na maging busy ako.. And eventually maging okay.

Pero that changed around 10:13AM :P (sorry I just have to document the time) Nagdecide ako pumunta sa pantry to get my usual drinks. Bilang routine, next jan ang pagsasalamin sa restroom.

Di ko alam kung tama ba na gamitin ko ang salitang UNFORTUNATELY (gusto ng utak ko FORTUNATELY eh) under renovation and restroom sa floor namen. Malinaw na nakasulat dun na PLEASE GOTO 6TH FLOOR.

Bilang makulit ako, syempre di ako dun pupunta. Nakatayo pa lang ako sa tapat ng water dispenser iniisip ko ng sa 11th floor ako pupunta.

At dito na nagsimula ang pagslo-mo ng araw ko.

Dahan dahan ako nagbadge out at nakita ko sa kabilang exit si POGI. (POGI def. good looking man, pero ang definition nyan saken, yun "eye-candy" sa kabilang cube ko).  Dala nya yun laptop nya at mukang may meeting.

Bumukas yun gitnang elevator. So habang nakangiti kami sa isa't isa pinipindot namen yun "UP" na button on our way dun sa bumukas na elevator. Sobrang gentleman nya, pinauna nya ko pumasok. Yun daliri ko ayaw pumindot ng floor :P hanggang sa eventually napindot ko din yun 11. Inaantay nya pala ko pumindot ng floor so magkatabi lang kami all the while. Ang pogi, ang bango, ang asteeg… at ako ang maswerteng katabi nya nun mahabang mga segundo na yun! He pressed 14.

Apat kame sa loob ng elevator. All going up. 9, 10, 11 at 14 ang may ilaw sa buttons. 11 ako at 14 sya. Yes! May moment na kameng 2 lang sa loob ng elevator. Dito ko pinagsisisihan na hindi ko dinala yun cellphone ko. Chance na sana magpicture.

9th floor - bumaba yun isa. 3 na lang kame. Ang tagal ng 10th floor. Ting! Ok 10th floor na - bumaba na din yun isang babae. Dahan dahan sumara un elevator. Kameng 2 na lang. Buti na lang salamin yun . Eto yun eksenang para kameng sira. Nagngingitian kame sa salamin ng elevator. 

Alam nya siguro na may something ako sa kanya. Kasi kapag ngumingiti sya napapahinto yun utak ko eh tapos bumibilis yun tibok ng puso ko. Tapos naiistop na ko ng bongga. Pero habang nangyayari yan naka ngiti lang ako :)

Yan ang pinakamahaba at pinakamasayang 5 minutes ko ngayong araw! 09February2015

Ang tagal ko palang sinulat to. Kasi nakita ko sa maliit kong salamin dumaan na sya. So tapos na agad ang meeting nya. 31 minutes na ang nakalipas :P

Slo-mo. Ok lang. Basta kasama ka sa bawat eksena.

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Saturday, June 01, 2013
Happy Birthday My Dear SUPERMAN!!!

To one of the most amazing men, I have ever met - Happy Birthday! I know I always tell you just how many times you saved my days. Our relationship evolved from being acquaintances to colleagues to boss/employee, to "partners in crime", and to what we are now :) Over the years, I am truly blessed to

have you.


I have loved the badass in you! The way you bully others to get what we need, the way you shout at colleagues when they have issues with me, the way you argue with other teams to make them understand our point. Especially, I love how you make things right even if everyone thinks we're wrong :D You're doing all these in such a way that they cannot be mad at you or something. One of your many talents I guess.


I have also seen your softer side, the way you care for your loved ones, the way you console me when I'm having a bad day, the way you make me look at the brighter side as always.. The way you cheer me up. The way you always make me a part of your priorities. I still perfectly remember how you did not want me to get mad at you that one fine day :)


I have heard you curse when you're frustrated, depressed, or angry… I've seen how sad you are when things did not turn out the way you want them to be. But you always believe in me when I say - "one day, things will be better!"


Believing in me is another thing. You're the only person in the last three years of my life who believed in me more than I believe myself. You trust me more than I trust myself. You have so much confidence in me. Though there were times that I let down and I fail, but still you've got my back. I thank you BIG TIME for that..


I can go on forever telling people how good your heart is and how good looking you are!   Yes, you make a difference in the world. And I know that's true because of the amazing difference you're always making in my life.


And with every year, I'm proud as ever to call you my dear.. dear SUPERMAN!


Here's a toast to your AWESOMENESS!

And here's to all our GOOD TIMES yet to come!!!


I <3 you O! Happy Birthday! Mwah! <3<3<3

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Monday, May 20, 2013
New Work.. New Environment.. Newfound Peace!!!

it's been like 2 months since i last blogged..

a lot has changed... personally and professionally!

1) New Work
2) New Environment
3) New found Peace

on New Work...

i already blogged last March 2013 that i'm resigning from my previous post in my last company... well, it lasted for 7 years and 7 months.. but even good things come to an end.. i left the 2 most important people in my career - GDM and Superman!

nevertheless, i know in my heart that those two men will always be a part of my life... those french guys love me as i love both of them..

even when i don't work with them anymore, we still keep in touch. the rest of the french team does :) it's a WIN-WIN situation for me. and yeah, i don't feel like i lost them..

on New Environment..

i chose not to work in the same area as my previous company. for one, i don't want to bump into old colleagues (especially the new generation) everytime i go out for lunch or run errands in the mall/grocery.. 

i want them to give high regard to their current work and company... after all, i owe what i know to that organization... also, i don't want their superiors to think that i'm encouraging their people to move out..

my current work location is not far from home.. just a 15-20 minute drive.. it's a place of serenity for me... there are buildings, yes. but when you enter the compound, there is also a fountain, green grass surrounds the walkways, there are ducks freely roaming around the area.. i really love it here.

of course, i considered the safety of the workplace... here, i am not afraid to go home even at 1 in the morning! my current work shift is 3pm-12am...

so it's a welcome change for me!

on Newfound Peace...

lately, i've been experiencing this inner peace. i do not know how, where and when it happened. it's just that i feel more relaxed, more laid back and stress free... i don't remember having felt this in quite a long time... honestly, it's something i only wished for before.. though there are still problems encountered everyday. but i'm thankful that it's not enough to ruin my day or make me worry too much...

to sum it up - i'm the picture of a contented, worry-free, and happy individual..

if there's one thing i still wish for at this moment.. well, that's for love to come my way.. i'll be turning a year older next month. and i wish for a lifetime partner who will love, respect, trust, and take care of me... :)

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